Here are our entrance level products. Although there may be slightly less in the apartment of spice, all will have a beautifully unique flavour.


Scape Ghost

The Scape Ghost sauce is in fact made with ghost peppers, but don't be deceived, the burn is mild. This sauce's flavour is described as the love child between fresh fennel, garlic scape, and honey.

Blueberry_3 copy.png

Blueberry Syrup

Virtually no spice to be found in this sweet-treat. Fantastic for a cheesecake (or any other dessert), alternatively, this product can be found in recipes to create beautiful mixed-drinks.

BBQ Blaster_400.png

BBQ Blaster

A pure pomegranate sauce base, coupled with pureed oven roasted garlic, this mild BBQ sauce is set to become the replacement for your everyday BBQ bottle.



The medium spice is nothing to sniff at. Among these products you will find the most variety with regards to spice. This is the section you can find where the most flavour collides with respectable heat.


Wizards Choice

The customer favourite. One of Fat Chili Farm's first sauces, and it was so good that that it stayed. The two primary flavours are cumin and honey. The Chilis used in this sauce are yellow mushroom habaneros, although this sauce isn't in the "HOT" section, .


Wing Sauce

Adding to the barbecue sauce family, FCF introduces the Wing Sauce. A combination of garam masala powder and maple syrup creates a spicy curried wing sauce that perfectly balances sweet and spice.



Spice lovers only. This section's products have some serious kick. Each product's flavour in this section can truly only be appreciated by a true hot sauce lover. 


Green Devil

The Green Devil has a citrus flavour with a subtle mint undertone, coupled with the fiery burn of the white habanero and the ghost pepper. This product's flavour is only appreciated by those that can truly enjoy and appreciate a good burn.


Ring of Fire

This is the classic hot sauce. Due to the roasted garlic and tomato base, this sauce can be added to any meal without a conflict of flavours. If you are , or know someone who is, trying to make the transition from low quality hot sauce to a locally grown high-quality alternative, this is the bottle.



A recent addition to the team. Sweetness from the mangos coupled with some serious spice from the mixed habaneros. This very spicy sauce is a hit with our heat fanatics.



Our hottest sauce, spice lovers be warned. The chilis used are the ever-terrifying Carolina Reaper.



We have decided that the combination of fruit and extreme spice is the future. The Cranquilzer spearheaded this movement for us. Not overly sweet, this sauce has some serious spice.