Dill and Saffron Mustard

Slightly sweet from the honey, combined with saffron, creates a sharp but flavourful spin on the classic dijon.


Herb Mustard

Basil, mint, flat parsley, and dill are all the herbs in this uniquely smooth mustard.


Zinger Horseradish

Our take on a classic. Why is our horseradish so good? It could be it's creamy consistency, or that it contains mustard seed... We aren't sure what it is, but we aren't questioning a beautiful thing.



Peanut Butter .png

Peanut butter

Saltspring Island peanuts, Cinnamon, Honey, coconut oil and shaving, and a touch of spice. This is a beautiful thing folks.


Chili Chunks

Chunks of chilis, garlic, fresh turmuric, amongst others left to marinate inside a jar of honey. It is sweet, but packs quite a punch!

Eat the chunks with your dinner, then use the honey with your dessert! 


Crab Apple Jelly with Saffron

Made with crabapples from our farm, and saffron from Iran, this mild table-side staple, is essential for any roasts, but also pairs perfectly with a cracker and some cheese!


Mango Chutney

This is our special twist on the East Indian mango chutney. Sweet and spicy, with ingredients such as saffron, shallots, mustard seed, and golden raisins, you wont have tasted anything like it.






Vegetable Pickle

An old family recipe with deep Iranian roots... This precise assortment of vegetables and spices is a "must have" in combination with any rice dish.

Alternatively, the vegetable pickle also works wonders on a hotdog..


Red Thai Curry Paste

Spicy Thai style red curry paste. Simmer the paste and coconut milk in a pan, and a protein (best with prawns), and serve... We also give you permission to tell your guests you made it.



Sambal with Mango

One of the first products here at Fat Chilis Farm. The Sambal with Mango has smokey start with a very spicy finish. It's our take on the Indonesian food paste.

Add the Sambal to your stew, a table spoon in your stir fry, or you can add it to your cheese board.